Louisiana Ignition Interlock Information

In the state of Louisiana, an ignition interlock device (IID) may be required for all alcohol-related Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) convictions. The offender is responsible for all costs associated with the IID.

An IID must be installed in all vehicles the driver will be operating prior to reinstatement of the driving privileges. The lease agreement and the installation invoice must be submitted as proof that the IID has been installed prior to reinstatement. The IID must be installed for the same length of time as the mandatory license suspension period, or at least 180 days, whichever is greater.

If the offender refused to submit to alcohol testing, their driving privileges will be suspended for at least one year. They may be eligible for a hardship license in many cases if they agree to the installation of an IID.

In order to reinstate driving privileges, an offender will need to contact the Louisiana Department of Public Safety at (225) 925-6146 to determine eligibility for reinstatement or a restricted hardship license. SR22 may need to be obtained to regain driving privileges.

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