Ignition Interlock Testimonials & Reviews

Highly reliable, I believe this product is well designed and built solidly. I experienced zero glitches. – Steve, WI
Having installed the Intoxalock voluntarily, has provided my family sound piece of mind and given me the time to become 100% sober for almost 3 years now. Intoxalock is not just for court mandated offenses! – Beth, GA
Super easy to use, way better experience then expected! Honestly, did help me to quit drinking all together! – Randy, KS
It's good piece of mind knowing you're safe from the harsh punishments of a DUI having an ignition interlock in your car. – Pat, IL
I didn't know too much and still don't really know about lockouts but what I really liked was the fact I didn't have to keep bringing it in to get serviced and that I can manage my account online and receive emails about my device. I have been using it for about a week and feel I'm fully use to it. – Timothy, NY
We voluntarily use the Intoxalock device and since installing it over three years ago it gives my husband and I confidence that we'll never be on the road if we've drank more than we should have. We are responsible adults but this extra security makes it certain that no one that uses our car can ever drink and drive. We take that seriously and believe all precautions should be taken to keep people off the road when they have had too much to drink. – Jon, IL
Good experience! – Azura, MT
I was worried about some of the reviews I read online, but I had the device for over 6 months without a single problem. – Dave, MO
It’s the best device ever made. Makes you think and understand the importance of life. Also ensures I am sober and make the right choice. This device saves lives! – Melanie Ann, TN
We voluntarily had an ignition interlock installed in our daughter's car. The device works great and gives parents a peace of mind when their child is using the vehicle. Only two suggestions to make the experience more enjoyable: one, design a way to attach the mouthpiece so is stays in place, and two, replace the power cord with a smaller gage wire that is more flexible. – Jackie, CA
I thought the representative over the phone was very patient and professional with me, that made me feel comfortable. Everything went just as the rep had said it would go and made me feel important. I think Intoxalock sets a high standard! – Derrek, TN
It's safety and security combined in one package. – Paul, TN
The ease of service and customer service make Intoxalock the best choice among ignition interlock devices. – Terry, TX
Recommend for intervention for a family member who needs it. – Carolyn, WI
My first initial time using it the first start up was confusing, but the installer instructed me throughout the process and as I continue to drive my vehicle I am finding it easier to understand. – Tina , WY
No one enjoys being monitored, but the system really works. I wish the devices were a little more inconspicuous though. But yes I truly would recommend it. – John
Although the circumstances aren't the way I would prefer them to be, I was very pleased with customer service, the subcontractor-installers, as well as the rapid assistance the provider gave me when I needed assistance...Thank you for always being friendly and for making this not a scary experience. – Tod, PA